Reflections on Being a Piano Sitter

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September 30, 2013 by 3gracesdeb

3 Graces Productions volunteered to babysit a piano in Davis Square this week-end as part of Celebrity Series of Boston’s Play Me, I’m Yours! The Street Pianos Boston Festival. The festival, which started Friday, 9/27 and runs through Monday, October 14, features 75 donated pianos hand painted by various artists in the Greater Boston region in honor of the Celebrity Series 75th Anniversary. Davis Square was lucky enough to have its piano donated and decorated by Frances McCormick.

It was a moving experience to see people of all ages and economic stratas gather around and sing popular and show tunes on Saturday night, particularly Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

It did not matter what people looked like, how they were dressed, what ages they were – their love of music naturally drew them to each other. Even as the piano was reluctantly being locked up for the night, people eagerly came over to find out what this project was and when the piano was going to be open again the next day. If this is what the organizers had in mind, they certainly succeeded. Here’s hoping that they will do it again!

If you want to be a caretaker, contact Heather at the Somerville Arts Council at

Take a look at some great pictures of this past week-end below!

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